whaddup blog world?

Whaddup blog world?

Where do I even start? I guess I better ramble on about myself for a little while or something. Is this awkward? It feels very awkward. Sorry you have to experience this.

Anywhoooo, my name’s Brooke and I am a 20 (soon to be 21, woohoo!) year old young lay-day living in the great dairy state of Wisconsin. I know you must be thinking, “Do you live on a farm?”, “Have you been bored for 100% of your life?”, etc, etc. But I can answer that with a pretty simple question: “Have you been to Wisconsin?”

Because truth be told, it’s not THAT boring here. We don’t all live on farms, and believe it or not, cities exist. I have a pretty bitchin’ time living here, to be quite frank. PS: If you can’t already tell, I am slightly bitter about this because I just really, really love Wisconsin and want everyone else to too 🙂

This is me bragging. I’m not sorry.

I’m starting to ramble again soo let me just bring you all to the point of this blog, my love for running, food, my college experience working to become a registered dietitian, and just life in general. I’ll tell you all about that later, but I just wanted to let you know what this blog was about in case you’re looking for some yoga pants website or something and I’m starting to scare you off.

Speaking of things that might scare you off, I am not going to edit myself to fit this blog. This blog will be 110% pure Brooke, so let this be a warning to you now that I am opinionated, kinda quirky, and I like to speak my mind. That being said, be ready to giggle. That’s my goal.

Welllp, that’s enough about me. I’ll save the juicy stuff for lata’.

Yours truly blog world,



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