scary movie weekend

It all started two weeks ago, when my cousin (and one of my closest friends) Lauren called me up. “What are you doing the weekend of the 22nd,” she asked. “Oh you know, the usual AKA doing everything possible to avoid my homework,” I responded. “NO YOU’RE NOT,” Lauren shouted. “WE’RE GOING TO PETE’S CABIN AND YOU’RE COMING!”

So obviously, when this weekend rolled around I had no choice but to abandon all prior school commitments and load into Lauren’s car for a fun-filled weekend of drinking, games, and scary movies in the middle of nowhere with three close friends 😉

We've earned our reputation well 😉

As we tried to entertain ourselves during the 3 hour drive, my friend Joe announced that he couldn’t help but feel like we were four characters in an old, cheesy, 90’s horror flick. I was more than a little creeped out when he said that, because I had honestly been thinking the same thing a few minutes prior! I guess that’s what heading out to the middle of nowhere at nighttime does to you!

When we arrived, we were all a little relieved that we didn’t encounter any deer charging our car (anyone remember this scene in the Ring 2? I don’t know why that has always been so terrifying for me!) or any other major mishaps along the way. And on top of that, Pete’s cabin had the most beautiful view 🙂

(sorry about the bad phone picture)

We spent Friday night drinking and playing our favorite game, THINGS!

(If you don’t know what Things is, go out and buy it, I promise it won’t dissapoint!)

We all got a kick out of my friend Joe’s beer of choice, BEER THIRTY!

Classy right? 🙂 He proceeded to yell “BEER THIRTY” everytime he cracked open a new one. It quickly became a catch phrase for the weekend.

On the way home, we stopped at one of my favorite candy stores, and I picked up some of my favorite BIG lemonheads! They’re all a girl needs, really.

With the exception of a minor bear incident, we didn’t encounter any killers, or friends in scream masks outside of the cabin 😉 The weekend was SO much fun, and I miss it already! Back to the usual rise and grind in the life of a dietetics major.. ugh 😦


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