nothin’ like bird food for breakfast

Have you ever heard of Farro?

Don’t worry, I hadn’t either until about two months ago. I received a package in the mail from the company Foodzie with their monthly tasting box! It was a one time trial, and because I am a poor college student I couldn’t afford the continuous monthly packages, but let me tell you, I quickly fell in LOVE with this company. I might even splurge a little bit this month to receive the tasting  box again.. I miss it!

Foodzie describes itself as “an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers.” You can choose from hundreds of artisan food items to purchase individually, or choose to receive the monthly tasting box, a package shipped to your door each month, containing six individually packaged samples that are completely delicious!

As if you can’t already tell, I definitely recommend this site. Yum yum yum.

Anywhoooo, during the summer I recieved a tasting box containing a sample of Bluebird Grain Farms farro.

What is farro? The company describes their emmer farro as:

“This old world heirloom dates back to early civilization. The term Emmer refers to the type or species of grain. Emmer is the original farro (old world grain), a simple grain of 28 chromosones that pre-dates spelt. It is prepared like brown rice, cooks in 50-60 minutes or can be soaked overnight to reduce the cooking time. It makes a fabulous pilaf, grain salad, rissoto, additive to soup, or sprouted for breads and salads. When cooked, its dark, plump berries add sweet, full-bodied flavor, chewy texture, and high nutritional value (over 16% protein) to every meal. It is a lovely, versatile grain that is a staple in our household.”

So when I ran out of oatmeal this morning and quickly realized that I didn’t have any other breakfast foods in the apartment, I decided to cook up some farro to replace my morning oats and pb 🙂

To cook the farro, you basically boil the farro in water with a 2:1 ratio of water:farro (for example, I used two cups of water and one cup of farro). Depending on how you like the texture, it can be cooked from anywhere from 20=50 minutes. I like the slight crunch that cooking it for less time gives it, so I cooked mine for about 20 minutes. It turned out wonderfully.

When it’s all done, it looks like this:

Steamy, hot, bird food goodness 😉

To add a little somethin’ somethin’ to mine, I prepared it the same way I prepare my oatmeal.. with a heaping spoonful of pb stirred in and sprinkled with a little cinnamon and a pinch of brown sugar.. DELISH!

Looks kinda funky, but I promise, you won’t go back to judging bird food any time soon 🙂





what i ate wednesday: breakfast addition

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of the blogging phenomenon that is “What I Ate Wednesday”.

Before I started this blog, I always knew that I would participate:

1.) because it seemed like a good idea since I always love reading other people’s WIAW’s for meal inspiration, and 2.) because running aside, I can be really, REALLY lazy if I’m in the mood. So obviously, I will always accept ideas being laid out for me 🙂

However, I actually put a little effort into living last night after my three hour econ class (a rare occurance for me) and had an idea laid out for a post later today, soooo I thought I’d shorten WIAW to WIAW breakfast edition!

Lately I’ve been OBSESSED with two things that have been incorporated in almost all of my breakfasts for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, I also suffered a minor camera breakdown (boo sand on spring break) and have been forced to use my iPhone for blog pictures lately. So I apologize for the crappy quality, but hey, I’m a poor college kid who’s just praying for Santa to bring me a shiny new camera to enhance my blogging a little bit 🙂

Obsession #1: Thomas 100-calorie Multi-grain English Muffins

Love this babies. Toasted + spread with Smart Balance Light Butter Spread and sprinkled with a little cinnamon/brown sugar mixture on top = HEAVEN. Yum.

Obsession #2: Brown ‘n Serve Turkey Sausage Patties

Browned on a skillet = yummy in my hungry-from-running-all-the-time tummy.

In other important breakfast-time news…

This has been my breakfast scenery lately:

Sitting in my bed, watching Will & Grace and reading running blogs. Special shout out to my all time favorite running blog, Janae’s blog at Janae’s blog was the first running blog that I really got hooked on and I’ve read it every day since 🙂 Thanks Janae!

Now it’s off to class and then a easy 3 miler and cross training workout is on the training agenda today. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

scary movie weekend

It all started two weeks ago, when my cousin (and one of my closest friends) Lauren called me up. “What are you doing the weekend of the 22nd,” she asked. “Oh you know, the usual AKA doing everything possible to avoid my homework,” I responded. “NO YOU’RE NOT,” Lauren shouted. “WE’RE GOING TO PETE’S CABIN AND YOU’RE COMING!”

So obviously, when this weekend rolled around I had no choice but to abandon all prior school commitments and load into Lauren’s car for a fun-filled weekend of drinking, games, and scary movies in the middle of nowhere with three close friends 😉

We've earned our reputation well 😉

As we tried to entertain ourselves during the 3 hour drive, my friend Joe announced that he couldn’t help but feel like we were four characters in an old, cheesy, 90’s horror flick. I was more than a little creeped out when he said that, because I had honestly been thinking the same thing a few minutes prior! I guess that’s what heading out to the middle of nowhere at nighttime does to you!

When we arrived, we were all a little relieved that we didn’t encounter any deer charging our car (anyone remember this scene in the Ring 2? I don’t know why that has always been so terrifying for me!) or any other major mishaps along the way. And on top of that, Pete’s cabin had the most beautiful view 🙂

(sorry about the bad phone picture)

We spent Friday night drinking and playing our favorite game, THINGS!

(If you don’t know what Things is, go out and buy it, I promise it won’t dissapoint!)

We all got a kick out of my friend Joe’s beer of choice, BEER THIRTY!

Classy right? 🙂 He proceeded to yell “BEER THIRTY” everytime he cracked open a new one. It quickly became a catch phrase for the weekend.

On the way home, we stopped at one of my favorite candy stores, and I picked up some of my favorite BIG lemonheads! They’re all a girl needs, really.

With the exception of a minor bear incident, we didn’t encounter any killers, or friends in scream masks outside of the cabin 😉 The weekend was SO much fun, and I miss it already! Back to the usual rise and grind in the life of a dietetics major.. ugh 😦

whaddup blog world?

Whaddup blog world?

Where do I even start? I guess I better ramble on about myself for a little while or something. Is this awkward? It feels very awkward. Sorry you have to experience this.

Anywhoooo, my name’s Brooke and I am a 20 (soon to be 21, woohoo!) year old young lay-day living in the great dairy state of Wisconsin. I know you must be thinking, “Do you live on a farm?”, “Have you been bored for 100% of your life?”, etc, etc. But I can answer that with a pretty simple question: “Have you been to Wisconsin?”

Because truth be told, it’s not THAT boring here. We don’t all live on farms, and believe it or not, cities exist. I have a pretty bitchin’ time living here, to be quite frank. PS: If you can’t already tell, I am slightly bitter about this because I just really, really love Wisconsin and want everyone else to too 🙂

This is me bragging. I’m not sorry.

I’m starting to ramble again soo let me just bring you all to the point of this blog, my love for running, food, my college experience working to become a registered dietitian, and just life in general. I’ll tell you all about that later, but I just wanted to let you know what this blog was about in case you’re looking for some yoga pants website or something and I’m starting to scare you off.

Speaking of things that might scare you off, I am not going to edit myself to fit this blog. This blog will be 110% pure Brooke, so let this be a warning to you now that I am opinionated, kinda quirky, and I like to speak my mind. That being said, be ready to giggle. That’s my goal.

Welllp, that’s enough about me. I’ll save the juicy stuff for lata’.

Yours truly blog world,